Meet Our Chief Risk Officer

Presenting the second episode of our Meet Team Trellis series, where we sit down with our Chief Risk Officer, Zain Sharif.

Zain has worked across different areas in the financial industry. Starting his journey on Wall Street, with J.P. Morgan, Zain moved to Alphadyne Asset Management, New York. Zain is now based in Geneva.

We asked Zain to share his vision for Trellis, and how he and his team have been dealing with the unique challenges that come with setting up Trellis Housing Finance Limited in Pakistan, especially from a risk perspective.

Meet Our CEO & Co-founder

Presenting the first episode of our Meet Trellis series, where we sit down with our CEO & Co-founder, Jamshed H. Meherhomji.

Jamshed brings over ten years of experience of working across various teams and roles at the prestigious J.P.Morgan Bank in London.

In this video, Jamshed shared his vision for Trellis, and why he thinks Trellis Housing Finance Limited is the need of the hour in Pakistan.